Real Property and Construction Law

Real Property

Our team are experts at closing the deal.  Whether it’s selling your home or purchasing a commercial high-rise in downtown Nashville, we can help you get the deal you want.  Our strong negotiation and contract drafting experience are invaluable throughout the deal process.  From identification to financing to exchanging keys, we are the right team of professionals for you.  We provide services like title assurance, contract negotiations, contract drafting, deed drafting, and any other documents or information you need.


We recognize that the handling and avoidance of disputes in the construction and engineering industries requires a specialist approach.  More than ever, the business and financial risks involved in litigation and arbitration make it imperative to address the detail of commercial agreements and technical contracts when they are first drawn up.

Our construction law team handles disputes in the construction and engineering industries on behalf of owners, contractors, employers and professionals.  The team provides preventative and advisory services at an early stage, identifying and addressing areas of potential difficulty.  All their advice is grounded in practical experience, a solid understanding of how the industry works, and a full appreciation of the commercial realities that govern the approach to individual contracts, projects and disputes.