Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that often avoids having to go to court for a final resolution of the legal dispute. The mediation process is voluntary and the parties retain control over the outcome of their case. Mediation works in family law cases as well as in other forms of dispute. Disputes can be mediated before a court case is filed, while it is pending, or after its resolution as new issues arise.

Irene Haude is listed by the Tennessee Supreme Court as a Rule 31 mediator. As a mediator, she acts as a neutral party that helps the litigants try to resolve their disputes amicably. She helps the litigants through a process that allows the litigants to determine what is most important to them. She handles all types of mediation including family law mediation and has the training required to mediate domestic violence cases.

Flat fee mediation sessions are available for full or half day mediation sessions. The flat fee includes reasonable preparation time by reviewing the confidential mediation reports submitted by the parties. Irene is willing to travel to the offices of other attorneys to mediate and she is willing to host mediation at Equitus Law Alliance, PLLC.